Hot Water Tank Circuits

A water heater is something that everyone enjoys having in their home. It provides a home with nice warm water for the cold mornings. Although it is a very nice item to have inside your home, it is also a very dangerous one. A water heater is filled with water and powered by electricity. This in itself is a massive amount of danger as water and electricity don’t mix very well. On top of that a water heater is filled with a lot of pressure so if a problem occurs it can become a giant bomb damaging your home and potentially causing fatalities. So now knowing this it is clear that the proper wiring for your hot water heater should be completed by a trained professional who has an array of knowledge with hot water heater wiring and circuits.

Circuits(3)You will typically find that the electrical circuit of a hot water heater is working with a 30-amp breaker at 240 volts. However depending on where you are located and how hard you look you can also find hot water heaters that run at 120 volts with a 20 amp breaker. This part of the process all depends on where you are and what you were able to find. Each is essentially the same wiring pattern although each will use slightly different cabling in order to create connections. Along with the specific type and power rating of your water heater you will also have to follow certain rules with how the device is plugged into your power supply. With appliances such as a hot water heater you are required to use GFCI plugs as to alleviate any problems that occur when electricity and water get to close together.

All of what has been stated so far applies only to the people who are buying and installing a brand new hot water heater and placing it onto an entirely new circuit. However for most of us we are walking into the problem of dealing with a water heater that is already installed and operating on circuits that were put into place many years ago. If this is the situation you are finding yourself in it is in your best interest to search for someone who is highly knowledgeable with this type of work or search for an employ a professional electrician who is certified and able to do this work for you in a proper manner. Having to hire a professional to come and check your circuits may seem like a hassle but in reality it is a great step for you. It does not cost you much money to have them talk a walk through and it also pairs with the fact that you and your family are assured to be safe once the professional electrician has gone through and checked everything.

Installing or just replacing a hot water heater can be a simple task for some and an absolute nightmare for others. In most cases it is wise to simply seek the advice and knowledge of a professional because as mentioned before, it is you and your family’s life on the line if something does happen to go wrong.