Who To Call When In Need Of A Domestic Electrical Service In Mandurah

Our electricians are talented in all aspects of domestic electrical services. Our nearby office offers you the best electrical services to fulfill all your needs, at the lowest prices. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our 24/7 contact number (08 92734019), assuring you that any electrical problem you may have, no matter the time, we will be there for you when you need us most, day or night.

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How We Ensure Electrical Safety in Your Home

Based on statistics, faulty electrical wiring and defective appliances were the main culprit in more than 3000 house fires last year alone, and a quarter of those fires ended in deaths. Besides the deaths, more than a hundred resulted in injuries like electrocution and burns. If your house is more than twenty years old, it probably needs its electrical equipment checked for safety. Get in touch with us to have your entire system checked immediately, to lessen the risk of a potential fire and other electrical hazards in your home.

Licenses and Certificates

Western Australia requires electrical workers and contractors to have a “Drilling License.” You as a property holder have the right to demand seeing it that license before any electrical work is started. The contractor is required to keep records of any electrical accidents, injuries or deaths that result from electrical wiring work done in the past. Check to ensure that your electrician is listed and has a current professional license to do electrical installations and repairs. He should be carrying the license card with him, so just ask to check the card and the dates on the card to be sure it is currently valid.

Is Electrical Work A DIY Project?

No. Electrical projects are inherently dangerous and definitely are not do it yourself projects. Most electrical wiring is concealed, but there are some things you can check to see if you need to have your electrical systems inspected by a professional.

A few causes for concern that could require an immediate assistance from an electrical service professional are the following:

– If your home wasn’t wired in this century, a lot has changed and your home definitely needs to be upgraded and rewired. If there are bare and exposed wires without breakers, they need to be replaced with proper modern wiring and either miniature circuit breakers (MCB) or residential circuit breakers (RCBO), in a proper breaker box, which is much safer. Residual-current device installation (RCD) may also be recommended, for increased safety.

– If you need to secure your home by adding outside security lighting and the latest security alarm technology to defeat burglars and intruders, and to decrease the odds of being victimized by criminals.

-Outdoor electricity is as vital as indoor electrical service but is just as dangerous and presents unique challenges. You should never run wires from inside to outside through windows and doorways. Instead, you should install enclosed weatherproof and dustproof outlets and switches outside your home that are rated for outdoor use.

– Because of the hazards of using electricity in outdoor environments where water may be present, RCD devices should be installed to protect you from electrocution and possible death when using electric lawnmowers, fence trimmers, or really when using any electric device outdoors. A qualified electrician can help with all those needs.


Andrews’s Mandurah Home Services can provide you with a fast web quote if you contact them online. You can take pictures of your electrical concerns and send them in an e-mail to get a quick free estimate. They will provide a free quote, with no obligations that details the labor cost, material costs, duration of time need for the installation or repair work. Their work will always comply with electrical regulations and guidelines, of course.